New Jersey Traffic Tickets for Texas Residents

December 17, 2012

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (“DPS”), points for out-of-state moving violations are assessed as follows:

  • Two points are assessed for an out-of-state moving violation conviction; and
  • Three points are assessed for an out-of-state moving violation that resulted in a crash.

Once the conviction has been added to the driver record, points will be assigned and will remain on the driver record for a period of three years from the date of conviction. Individuals who have six or more points on their Texas driver record are assessed a surcharge every year they maintain six or more points. If you are charged with a moving violation, the attorneys at our office may be able to get your ticket dismissed or plead down to a non-moving violation with a reduced fine, leaving your driving record intact.

DPS may suspend or disqualify an individual’s driver license upon notice of conviction for an offense committed in another state that, if the offense was committed in Texas, would be grounds for a suspension or disqualification.

With regard to out-of-state driving privilege suspensions, the Texas DPS states as follows:

Any individual who has a suspended driving status in another state or jurisdiction is not eligible for a Texas driver license. If a Texas driver license is issued and the individual’s driver eligibility status changes in another state or jurisdiction, then the Texas driver license is subject to cancellation. If an individual has a suspended driving status in another state or jurisdiction, then the individual must obtain a “clear” or “eligible” status from that state’s driver licensing agency to prevent the cancellation of the Texas driver license (documents submitted by an out-of-state court will not be accepted);

With respect to unpaid traffic citations, the Texas DPS states that it “may revoke a driver’s license if an individual has not complied with the terms of a traffic citation received in another state.”

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